Container Homes Plans And Drawings (2024)

Designing And Building Container Homes…

Easy-To-Use Plans And Pre-made 2D/3D Templates

Container House Plans and Designs in Easy-To-Use 2D, and 3D 360° templates. Graphic Credit: GreenCube Research Staff

30 Plus GreenCube 3D ™ Container Home Plans and Templates

These are DIY (Do It Yourself) plans and templates that you can submit to your architect to save valuable time and money. Much of the cost of designing a home is deciding on the style and basic configuration. Our GreenCube 3D ™ Series house plans and templates are pre-drawn for you and can be easily modified by you. With our exclusive True-Wall ™plans and design templates you can easily modify and make changes before submitting the design to your architect and city Planning Department. Choose from more than 30 pre-drawn templates, then modify, move walls, change colors, and even add or remove doors, windows, furniture, paint and flooring. Our GreenCube 3D ™ packages include the Free software, hundreds of decoration options, and our pre-made GreenCube 3D templates uses the True-Wall ™ details you need for the most realistic designs and house plans.


- 30+ Plans of our Container Home designs and ready-made templates - Drawings and designs specifically designed with 20' and 40' ISBU container bases - True-Wall ™ container home drawings, which are superior to the normal ‘quick drawn plans’ found on other websites - 1, 2, 3, and 4, bedroom designs - Office, garage, workshops, cabins, and barns - 3D realistic ISBU Container home drawings - 2D drawings to export and give to your architect or engineer - Free Design software, and templates bases for free version Sketchup ™ and free on easy-to-use SweetHome 3D ™ software. - These are pre-made GreenCube 3D ™ base templates you can modify - Includes GreenCube 3D ™ Tutorials on how to use and modify our templates with the Free software and GreenCube templates. - Modify the designs. move walls, paint walls, change roof or siding, landscape, add furniture - Save your modifications as JPG, and TIFF photos, or SVG files - Container Home templates include structural tips to strengthen doors, windows and open rooms We provide complete packages using the Free, SweetHome 3D ™ software and GreenCube 3D ™ ready-made templates that you can easily modify in 2D, view in 3D with 360 degree rotation and even walk-through. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ All 30+ Container Home templates and house plans are only $28for the entire GreenCube 3D ™ Package. Or, they are Free to our Membersat the Member website. Jointhe Container Home Association Libraryand save… _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What Are True-Wall ™ Templates?

True-Wall ™ Templates are our proprietary GreenCube ™ templates which you can use with free SweetHome 3D software, or with the free versionof SketchUp. Our GreenCube 3D ™ templates come in a easy-to-use package which includes the Free SweetHome 3D software. All of our templates include the True-Wall ™ technology in our Container home designs.

True-Wall ™ House Plans ‘vs Standard House Plans

There are many, many websites out there offering Container Home Plans. These websites are not affiliated with the ISBU Association or the Container Dealers Association. These plans from other websitesare also not actually designed for Container Architecture and are not usable. We have received many complaints about these Plans at other websites recently. [see example ‘B’] (2D View) Graphic Credit: GreenCube Research However, True-Wall ™ Templates from the ISBU Association include the true double walls in the correct dimensions that you need when creating your designs and planning a Container home, office, or cabin. As shown in the above graphic, the True-Wall ™ (A) show a wall section where two (2) ISUB modules are connected, the other portions are cut out to make large rooms. Graphic ‘A’ shows the double wall of two ISBU side-by-side, compared to Graphic ‘B’ which just shows a normal wall. Please note that the True-Wall ™ in ‘A’ is approximately 60% thickerthan the same wall in ‘B’. That’s a significant difference in calculations and final drawings. Below is an 3D view enlargement of Example ‘A’ making it easier to see the plan is made of two (2) ISBU with portions of the walls cut away to create a larger room. (3D View) Graphic Credit: GreenCube Research If you do not have plans with True-Wall ™ technology, the entire size and design will be flawed, unusable, and quite off the proper scale when you attempt to submit them to an Architect or local City Planning Department. When professional architects and engineers draw a Container home using ISBU modules, they draw them with the ‘true container walls’ showing them as double when containers are connected. That is very different than most Container Home Plans you purchase on the Internet from the fake websites and fake architects. All the Container home plans and designs offered by the ISBU Association are the True-Wall ™ templates designed from the same professional CAD we sell to the Architects and Engineers. We have been the global source of Container 2D and 3D CAD to global professionals for 10 years. All our DIY templates have the same, proper walls and dimensions you need for accuracy. Simply, our Container Home Plans cost less, and are more accurate….

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Now, let's discuss the concepts mentioned in the article "Designing And Building Container Homes… Easy-To-Use Plans And Pre-made 2D/3D Templates Container House Plans and Designs in Easy-To-Use 2D, and 3D 360° templates."

Container Homes and Designs

Container homes are residential structures built using shipping containers. These containers are repurposed and transformed into livable spaces. They have gained popularity due to their affordability, sustainability, and versatility.

GreenCube 3D ™ Container Home Plans and Templates

The article mentions the GreenCube 3D ™ Container Home Plans and Templates, which are pre-drawn designs that can be easily modified. These plans and templates are DIY (Do It Yourself) and can be submitted to architects to save time and money. They include 30+ pre-drawn templates with different designs, such as 1, 2, 3, and 4-bedroom options, offices, garages, workshops, cabins, and barns.

True-Wall ™ Templates

The True-Wall ™ Templates mentioned in the article are proprietary templates developed by the ISBU Association. These templates are designed specifically for container architecture and include the true double walls in the correct dimensions needed for container homes. The True-Wall ™ technology ensures accuracy and proper scale in the designs. It is important to use templates with True-Wall ™ technology to avoid flawed and unusable designs.

Software and Tools

The article mentions the use of software and tools to modify and visualize the container home designs. The GreenCube 3D ™ packages include free design software, such as Sketchup ™ and SweetHome 3D ™, which allow users to modify the templates in 2D and view them in 3D with 360-degree rotation. These software options provide a user-friendly interface for making changes to the designs, such as moving walls, changing colors, adding or removing doors, windows, furniture, paint, and flooring.

Benefits of GreenCube 3D ™ Package

The GreenCube 3D ™ Package offers several benefits, including:

  • Cost savings: The package provides affordable container home plans and templates.
  • Time savings: The pre-drawn templates save time in the design process.
  • Customization: Users can easily modify the templates to suit their preferences and needs.
  • Realistic designs: The True-Wall ™ details in the templates ensure realistic and accurate designs.
  • Structural tips: The container home templates include structural tips to strengthen doors, windows, and open rooms.

Pricing and Membership

The article mentions that the 30+ Container Home templates and house plans are available for $28 as part of the GreenCube 3D ™ Package. However, they are also offered for free to members of the Container Home Association Library.

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Container Homes Plans And Drawings (2024)
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